Surviving Corona - Experiences of Zimbabweans in the UK

Who we are

Zimbabwe Diaspora Network (ZDN) is a voluntary coordinating body of all registered organizations concerned with social, economic, political development of the people of Zimbabwe, Social Welfare institutions and other development oriented institutions and individuals working with the Zimbabwean Diaspora.

ZDN is a non-party political, non-denominational, non-profit making organization and cannot be used by its member for the promotion of party political, denomination or profit-making purposes. Members who are in breach of this clause will be subject to expulsion from the organization


We, the community of ZDN, are committed to strengthening, representing and facilitating the work of Zimbabwean Community Organisations in the Diaspora by creating space, promoting networking, dialogue and engagement that enables the fulfillment of members’ visions and missions.

We also aim to serve as an effective conduit for the expression of the Zimbabwe Diaspora collective voice leveraging the role of the Diaspora in national development and reconstruction underpinned by accountability in governance and national development.


To be a proactive community hub of Zimbabwean Diaspora Organisations facilitating, being responsive to and being committed to the sustainable development needs of all people in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora; the full realisation of human rights, democracy, good governance, poverty alleviation, national reconstruction, leadership development, skills development and knowledge exchange.

Our Guiding Values

The following constitute the values underpinning all ZDN operations


We believe in the power of great ideas and that these ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

We recognise the rich cultural heritage of our country and strive to ensure that our activities represent such diversity. We are all equal and every voice must be heard in equal measure

Transparency and Accountability

We will be open and honest about how we work

We are a HUB

We recognise that each member organisation serves an important function in the community. And they must continue to do so. Our role is to promote smarter working and benefiting from synergies between the diverse community organisations.

Facilitation and Proactive Engagement

We will respecting everyone’s ideas, contributions, and hard work and facilitate an environment all members are proud to be part of. We will proactively engage with ideas that further the objectives of ZDN

Capacity Building and Development

We engage with the governments and institutions of our countries of residence so as to facilitate dialogue with the government and institutions of our country of origin, Zimbabwe.

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